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While our Science Table information are not ready, we use this website to provide other science related information.

Science Equipment Basics

I cannot stress the importance of proper equipment when doing scientific studies and experiments.  At the very least your science table should include a good scale, a microscope, test tubes, test tube rack, microscope slides and covers, a burner and any proper safety equipment such as gloves, protective glasses, etc.  Miniscience.com offers all of the listed items plus many more.  Recognizing this need we included a basic student laboratory set:

This set includes:
  • Test Tube rack
  • 12 glass borosilicate 16mm x 150mm test tubes
  • 5 Clear Plastic test tubes with cap.
  • Test tube clamp
  • Balance Scale
  • Spring Scale
  • Alcohol Burner
  • 2 Watch glasses
  • Glass Beaker 250 ml
  • Test tube brush
  • 5 Pipettes (1mL)
  • 5 Pipettes (10 mL)
  • 6 Petri Dishes

Wherever you get your equipment make sure it is made of high quality.  I can guarantee great quality for equipment sold through miniscience.com.  It is important to note the price when shopping as well.  Some higher quality scales can become more pricey as are microscopes.


Other Science Project Resources

  • ScienceProject.com
    ScienceProject.com is a source of information and support for students who want to take their science project to a higher level and show the applications of science in life, business and different industries. All students can become a member in order to view a project guide and get additional support on their projects.
  • MiniScience.com
    Gathering material needed for a science fair project has always been a challenge for students. MiniScience.com is an online store that provides many of the material that students need for their science projects. These material are sold individually or in the form of a science kit. Many of MiniScience.com products make perfect gift for intelligent and curious students.
  • KidsLoveKits.com
    KidsLoveKits.com also known as klk.com are alternatives to MiniScience.com focused on Science project kits and educational sets.
  • ChemicalStore.com
    Many science experiments require access to substances that are not easily available to most students. ChemicalStore.com is where students can obtain small amounts of chemicals at very low prices. 



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